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Spring Grabbag

Photo credit Grant Hutchinson

I’ve been a big fan of Spring since the summer of 2009, when a teammate began to introduce Spring MVC Java Config into an old code base we were working on. It was the first time I’d used Spring in production, and it didn’t take long for me to become quite fond Spring’s modularity and overlook it’s flaws. Over the next few years that team converted the bulk of that website into a healthy Spring 3.0 MVC implementation.

Fast forward a couple years, and I don’t have any Spring-based stacks running in production. At work we’ve created a handful of Spring apps that use various ORMS, schedulers, generate reports, have various config styles, etc., but I haven’t been able to closely influence the direction of these apps. Spring Grabbag is an attempt to create a place where I can go to reference all that I’ve done with Spring. I very much doubt that I’ll be able to add even half of what I’d like to, but it’ll be a cathartic experience nonetheless.

Since I started writing it over the annual holiday family visit, a digital cookbook came to mind. The concept of a cookbook should provide enough of the structural facets to prove interesting. We’ll see how it goes. If you’re wondering what’s on the to-do list, have a look