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Last week I was catching up on some DevOpsCafe episodes and heard John mention a great presentation on AMPQ. It reminded me of a session I’d attended at SpringOne a year earlier, but couldn’t remember who had presented. The session was about polyglot messaging with AMQP, and while I didn’t fully appreciate it at SpringOne, the subject now perked my attention. After some searching, I connected that dots that Rob Harrop, who John had mentioned, was also the presenter at SpringOne. I watched the more recent presentation on InfoQ and was inspired to send some messages of my own.

The demo I created doesn’t do a whole lot beyond what Rob did in his presentation, but it sufficed for a presentation I gave at work to illustrate the concept. Unfortunately I don’t see any immediate application for AMQP at work, but now that I’ve demoed some code, hopefully the barrier to build more has been broken.